ACEO (Artist Trading Cards). 

 February 18, 2024

By  Emma

ACEO paintings are my guilty pleasure. I live in a tiny house, and I sometimes get frustrated by the time some of my bigger paintings take to complete.

Enter – Emma the ACEO artist!

On this page I’ll tell you a little more about these miniature paintings and will give you the link if you’d like to browse my shop.

As usual. commissions are happily created too!

What Are ACEO Paintings?

You know those collectable football cards? Maybe the Lego packs? Well ACEO are the arty equivalent. You can can frame them or keep them in an album, or they also make great letterbox gifts.

A miniature ACEO painting of Venice in watercolour and Ink
The size of an ACEO is 2.5 x 3.5 inches. I paint some of mine on my handmade paper but of late, I've sold more watercolour and ink sketches. I recently sold this impressionistic Venice painting, for example.


Mine are ACEO original artworks, but some artists offer prints. For me, it’s about getting affordable original art into the hands of people who may otherwise not be able to start an art collection.

I also get immense pleasure from painting them (you can see me painting on You Tube!) I also find that if I’m travelling, using watercolour pencils is a great option.

Miniature ACEO Paintings

Just because they’re small, it doesn’t mean they can’t have impact! In fact, the amazing thing with tiny art is that it draws people in to look closer. The composition is the original eye-catcher, but sneaking in for a look at the fine brushwork can bring some lovely surprises.

I also paint 4 inch square paintings which I mount in a 6 inch square archival quality mount. I love these, and they are generally inspired by my travels.

I’ve always been a Francophile, so often you’ll see I create paintings of France. Whilst this would be my preferred destination, travel hasn’t been easy in the couple of years so of late I’ve been a little closer to home.

Recently I have started a series called ‘Colours of Brittany’ which will also appear in new book. Whilst on holiday, I took my sketch book up on the cliffs at 6 am and painted the sun rising over the sea. Exquisite… that’s all I can say!

Art Trading Cards of Landscape Paintings

This year, I am creating a catalogue of miniature artworks for others to enjoy. I will be offering the original watercolour ACEO paintings, but also print your own art. 

This trend of downloadable art is helpful in two ways. One, it allows everyone access to art, and two it helps to boost my coffers! 

I can also paint to order, so if you’d like a unique piece of art for a loved one just let me know. Artist trading cards make great letterbox gifts, and I always include a personalised note.

Where Can I Buy Your ACEO Paintings?

ACEO artist trading card. A seascape with trees on the horizon.


Pop over to my ACEO page in the shop, to see what I currently have.

My art is awaiting photography at the moment, but I do have a newsletter. Within its magical pages, I update my readers and collectors on new paintings and blog posts.

It’s also the way to get a loyalty discount!

If you’d like to sign up – I don’t spam youpop over to this page.

Finally, if you’re looking for a unique gift or would like a commission, please drop me a line. I can usually paint to order within a couple of days, so just let me know you want a bespoke ACEO painting.

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