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Pet Portraits ~ The Commission Process

Firstly, thank you for your interest. It’s a fickle world out there in art-land, so I appreciate your visit!

When I consider commissions, I want to be sure that both I and my potential client know exactly what to expect. This means we need a few baselines set. 


Can I deliver in time for your needs?

We need to be specific about this, because at the moment it is taking three weeks for some overseas deliveries to arrive (this is partly due to global uncertainty around Covid). As well as this, I usually have a pipeline of paintings to complete.

What’s Your Medicine?

Not literally, of course! But let’s have a chat to ensure I can deliver the style, size, and medium you prefer. These conversations are the foundation of a great pet portrait, and I will ask you relevant questions to get to bottom of your inner artiness.

Your painting of a pet may be rooted in a desire to hold on to a fond memory, a pet, or perhaps a significant ‘token’. An example of the latter may be a bird like a Robin, that gives you comfort and reassurance if you’ve lost a loved one. 

Whatever your needs, I hope to paint commissions that capture character, emotion, and life. 


Do you like watercolour? Perhaps oil or coloured pencil? These mediums all offer different benefits to a finished painting, so I can talk to you about these options.


As well as canvases, there are many different surfaces and weights of paper. It’s important we talk about this because it will influence the outcome. 

For instance, I recently painted a white, short-haired dog. As much as I love my handmade cotton watercolour paper, it’s too creamy in colour and the surface is rough.  After a discussion with the owner I opted for a high white smooth paper, perfect for fine detail and negative painting. 


Loose watercolour? Realism? Impressionistic? 

These are just a few ideas, and they reflect the wonderful thing about art. Everyone on this planet of ours has different ideas and preferences. What are yours?


I recently received a commission for a set of four small watercolour florals. Each flower has a meaning for the client, and she just wanted something to have in the corner of a room. Very personal, and only 4 inches square. 

On the flip side, I have a commission for a painting of Glastonbury Tor, and it’s huge! 

My point? Once again it’s about both parties being fully aware of expectations, especially in the latter case.  Communication is key.


Pet Portraits

I’ve ummed and aahhed about this far too much, so I’ve decided to give you a price based on the size of your painting. Simple structure and no ‘two heads, one heads, full body’.

Small  – 8 x 6 inch (A5 approx) unframed  – £75

Medium –  A4 or 10 x 12 inch – £115

Large – A3 or bigger – £175

Other Painting Commissions 

Landscapes and Places in Watercolour

Small – 8 x 6 unframed – £65

Medium – A4 or 10 x 12 inch – £95

Large – A3 and over – starting at £145

Florals and Significant Tokens

These can start at as little as £20

Small paintings can make great letterbox gifts, perhaps for Mothers Day or something similar. 

Large oil paintings will need a conversation between us, so please just get in touch.

Ready to Chat?

For a no obligation conversation you can:

  • call or text me on (UK) 07546 105762
  • email:
  • use the messenger icon at the bottom of this screen to chat
  • visit me on social media (Painterly Ponders across the board!)

Many thanks for reading, and have a great day wherever you are.

Best wishes, 




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