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My name is Emma and this page tells you a little about me, as well as what I do.

Read on, or if you're looking for inspiration, check out my landscape painting ideas and other watercolour tutorials.

about me

An artist and writer with a passion for travel and nature.

I see myself as fortunate. The ability to combine the things I love with my work is something I don't take for granted. 

I worked for many years in a corporate environment, and many day were miserable and challenging.

Now, I get to live in Somerset (UK), travel, and capture both my own and other people's special moments.

You'll get to know me better through my blog posts, books, and art.

Exploring the World through Art and Words

As an artist an writer, I love to share my passion with others. That includes travelling to wonderful locations to marvel at the talents from times gone by. 

A great example of this is Leonardo da Vinci, and a location in the Loire Valley dedicated to sharing his amazing talents.  At Château du Clos Lucé  you can learn about his art, his inventions, and his observational drawings. 

As my website grows, I’ll be writing more about such places as well as other artists who inspire me. 

Watch this space, for I plan to write regularly. I’ll show you my art, and of course make sure you are able to use my resources to bring your own painting ideas to life.

painting ideas inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and other incredible artists throughout time

post list

On my blog

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Watercolour Tutorials to Inspire Your Creativity

My EThos for commissions

I listen, we chat, I create.


Staying true to myself is important, and understanding the need behind your request is the first step to delivering the best experience for my clients. Your reaction to your finished art work is my reward.

We will have a chat about what's important to you, the styles of paintings you like, and any time commitments you may have.

Agreeing on a plan

Once I understand the reason behind your commission request, I will give you some ideas of what I think will work best. 

This is a two way street, and your input is essential. It may be a silly memory, your pet's markings, or even a significant item that you want included in the painting. These little details make the artwork unique and special.

Creation and Delivery

When we have a clear idea of what you want, I will get started and keep you informed along the way. 

A deposit of 35% is required, and the final invoice will only be issued once you are absolutely happy with your painting. 

The price will include delivery costs, and your artwork will be insured.


Hear from some of my clients.

Absolutely stunning bespoke work. I was overjoyed with the quality of this, and I only sent a photo over messenger. It's awesome - highly recommend'



Beautiful piece Emma, you certainly capture the eyes! Not long until I can share your stunning portrait of our Roxy Mae!! I can't wait to see my daughter's face when she see’s it on her 13th birthday on the 16th!!



We were both in tears on Christmas Day!

Thank you so much.


pickle and ellie