Pet Portraits

Pet portraits can be a welcome addition to any home. Whether capturing a puppy’s character or remembering a beloved pet that’s no longer with you, a painting of your pet can bring you joy.

On this page I’ll fill you in with what I have to offer in terms of pet paintings in different sizes and styles. Having said that, regardless of the style, my goal is to create a unique, characterful portrait.

I’ll start with the basics, and the question on everybody’s lips.

Pet Portraits ~ Prices

Pet portrait prices vary immensely and I thought it was work taking a moment to explain why. 

Time and medium play a large part in creating an original painting. For example, a playful watercolour of head and shoulders on 8″ x 6″ paper may only take a few hours, while a full body realistic coloured pencil or oil painting takes much longer.

It’s not unusual for large pieces to take in excess of 20 hours to complete. 

I know of an artist who takes 100 hours to complete his realistic watercolours of Paris, and whilst we’re talking cats and dogs here, the same principle applies to animal portraiture.

Pet Portraits ~ Commission Examples

I’ve included a few examples of my recent work here. Now you’ll note that I haven’t gone fancy pants to make these look perfect, and there is a reason for this. 

These demonstrate different styles, medium and presentation. There are also pictures of the artworks prior to framing.

In these pictures you’ll note that there are examples of watercolour pet portraits on handmade rag paper. The deckled edges show off the beauty of the paper, and it’s a unique option that people often choose to front mount. There are others on smooth, white paper with a finer finish.

In the latter, artists quality coloured pencils have been added to enhance the painting. It really is about creating the best composition to suit your preference. That’s also why I take a consultative approach and ask lots of questions about my prospective furry models!

labrador and sproodle paintings pet portraits uk
Two recent pet portraits.

These examples are just a few of my commissions, but they enable you to see how and why it’s important for us to have a discussion about what you want before either of us commit. 

These detailed small watercolour pet portraits on rag paper are £60 including UK postage.

The A3 full body watercolour pet portrait of Roxy was £230 including shipping. I am currently working on a large, framed painting of a late dog, and that one will be approximately £600.

I will be happy to discuss your unique requirements, but these prices give you an indication of cost. It’s important we also talk about any timescale issues that may arise if the painting is for a gift.

Commissioning Pet Portraits – Let’s Chat

If you are considering a painting but aren’t sure what you’d like, just drop me a line. If you’d like to learn more about my process, I’ve written a blog post called ‘A Day in the Life of a Pet Portrait Artist’.

The article includes some things that are important to me when I’m painting. It’s a bit of a ‘getting to know me’ post, and I talk about trust, integrity, and transparency.

If you’d like to talk, email, text or call. I can also be found of Facebook/ Messenger at Painterly Ponders.

No pressure, no commitments, just a friendly chat.

I’m all ears, unlike the Shar-pei below!

Original realistic watercolour dog portrait of a Moodle / Maltipoo. Watercolour and coloured pencil and gorgeous black eyes. Pet portraits UK artist Emma Herbert.
Roxy ~ just a fluffy puppy.

A Short Video of a Tilly’s Dog Portrait

I’ve included a short video of one of recent dog paintings. I’ll be adding more to my You Tube channel soon. This gives you an insight into my painting style and what can be achieved. This one comes in at the under £100 mark too.

Affordable Pet Portraits

There are many painters offering pet paintings, and some are very expensive. Whilst I charge for the hours and materials I put in (which makes it unavoidable to have higher prices sometimes), I do believe art should be enjoyed, and it shouldn’t be discriminatory.

So let’s take a moment to think about cheap pet paintings. It’s as simple as this:

Please ask if you want something cheaper than the prices offered – nobody should miss out on the opportunity to have a member of their family captured.

One of my goals is to get original art into the hands of many people, so please… talk to me.

Final Thoughts on the World of Pet Portraiture

I love painting animals, but so do many other artists, and we all have different styles. I can offer you a no obligation chat in which we can discuss whether I am the right artist for you. If I don’t think I can meet your brief, or you are looking for something different, that’s fine. I will be honest with you, and can even recommend other artists who may suit you better.

I am based in the UK, but am happy to ship overseas. It’s worth mentioning this, especially if you’re looking for a bespoke service with framing.

Nothing is a problem, but knowing I can deliver what you want, when you need it is something that will give us both peace of mind. I’s sure you agree.

I think that’s all for now. Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can find me:

On Facebook at this link.

On my welcome page for more about me and my ethos.

Watch me paint on You Tube

I also have a profile on Google with my contact details and client reviews, here.

See my main commission an original painting page for more pricing information, including offers from £5.

I’ll say goodbye for now, but finally if you’re sending an email, to ensure I can respond quickly, please can you make the subject ‘ Watercolour Pet Portraits’.

Black Labrador portrait
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