With Brush in Hand 

 November 16, 2021

By  Emma

I haven’t spent much time creating this year. The darker days of January seemed to suck the colour from me, and with it went my creative spirit. Fortunately, the birds are now my 5 am partner in crime, and their gleeful harmonies set my mood for the day. With their tune to accompany me, this morning I’ve added what I think are the final touches to my latest artwork.

Last week, I realised that I’d been going through a period of trying to paint what I thought people would buy. Bad plan.

This week I’ve gone back to my love of nature and landscapes, and it shows. I had intended to take photos and videos throughout the process, but I became consumed. Before I knew it, the deed was done!

At least this is a step towards reviving my daily  painting habit, and in fact it’s triggered a slew of pet portraits too. I wasn’t sure about painting animals, but actually I seem to become quite fond of each. Perhaps there are more in the future.

I’ll add a few more photos later, but for now here’s Rolo. He was fun to paint, and I just love the composition. His owner, I hope, will get many years of joy from looking at him.

Pet portrait of a French Bulldog
A finished Pet painting.
First layer of pet portrait
The sketching in stage of the Frenchie painting.
Pet Portrait of a Frenchie - second layer
Second layer added to create depth and tone to the painting.
Layer three! Puppy eyes are coming
We’re getting there. The colours of the fur are almost right. Eyes next!
I think this pet painting is almost there
The finished painting. This small pet portrait size comes in at £35. Ask for more information!

Frenchie portrait originalperfect reference photo for a pet portrait

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