Paintings for the Kitchen 

 April 22, 2024

By  Emma

Paintings for the kitchen poses an interesting conundrum. As an artist, I haven’t given much thought to where my paintings might end up. I am a spontaneous painter, so I go with my mood, but recently whilst having a spring clean it occurred to me that my kitchen walls are bare.

That send me off on a ‘ooh, what can I paint?’ tangent.

I concluded that if people are searching for an artwork for their kitchen, they probably want something like lemons in a still life. Perhaps some other fruit, or some cheese on a chopping board.

Am I wrong to look at it so literally?

Anyway, it’s inspired me to create some original art specifically for kitchen art hunters, and to also offer commissions and painting lessons

Further down the page, I go into detail about looking after your paintings, and I include some ideas for kitchen art. I also make some suggestions about artwork styles to suit your home.

Before I go there though, and in case you are here for a bespoke piece, let’s jump to the nitty-gritty.

Paintings for the Kitchen – Buy or Create?

Are you looking for something to spruce up your home? Do you want something unique?

If so, maybe I can help you. A painting of something food related, or even botanical or a flower painting all seem like good ideas. Whether you are looking for art ideas yourself, or would like to buy something, I can help.

As well as having a shop and taking commissions, I enjoy making tutorials in video and written format. Art videos are great, but it’s nice to have a reference document too. I have thousands of photos, so giving my readers an unlimited supply of inspiration seems natural.

On that note, at the end of this article I talk a little more about me, and have provided contact information. But with all that said, I promised some insights into how to choose an artwork for the heart of your home.

Choosing Paintings for the Kitchen – Style Matters

If you’re wondering how to choose kitchen art, let’s start with some basics.

It’s worth thinking about your space. Modern homes seem to be shrinking, and the wall space available is limited, so perhaps a series of miniatures might be nice?

Conversely, if you have a vast open plan townhouse or farmhouse, you might want a large picture for the kitchen wall as a focal point. Likewise, a rural home may suit a painting in keeping with the landscape surrounding it, and a contemporary home a bright botanical.

Paintings for the kitchen walls
Whatever your home and preference, I can discuss it with you and create a bespoke piece. I will also add some paintings to my shop in the 'kitchen paintings' section for ease of reference.

Do Paintings for the Kitchen Need Any Special Protection?

If you’re wondering whether it’s safe to put art in the kitchen, I can give you some advice.

There are some rules when it comes to preserving original art, and it depends upon the medium. Oil paintings and acrylics are usually varnished, but if you are buying something on paper, such as a watercolour, a frame is recommended.

Any artwork is best placed away from direct sunlight, and radiators and fires are not good bedfellows either. I am happy to talk you through this side of things. Ultimately, if you buy a piece of original art, you should consider it an investment and look after it accordingly.

Small Kitchen Wall Art

I am painting a series of small paintings which would be perfect for kitchens. I create these by painting with watercolour pencils, and they are mounted in an archival quality mount, and ready for you to drop into a frame. The painting size is 4 x 4 inches, and the mount 6 x 6 inches. A series of three of these would lovely in a kitchen, and I’d be happy to paint anything of your choosing, or teach you how to paint your own!

Ideas for Paintings for Your Kitchen

You may already have a clear idea of what you’d like, but if not I have some thoughts.

Traditional still life paintings which depict jugs on tables, plates of fruit, and even sunflowers (a la Van Gogh!), are lovely ideas to brighten up your home. However, I can quite see how a simple flower painting in watercolour would bring life to clean, white kitchen walls.

My local art gallery in Bath, has a beautiful example of a Renoir painting which would be welcome in my home!

On pondering it, I think my own preference would be to have a watercolour lemon painting. Actually, just thinking about this is inspiring me to pop to the shop to buy some lemons to paint!

That leads me to my examples.

Soon, I will add a few photos to this article to show you some of my suggestions. There will be landscape painting ideas too, because these are my favourite thing to paint. Sometimes my work is impressionistic, sometimes it’s hyper-realistic, and each of these suits different people.

Kitchen Wall Art by a UK Artist

I think it’s important for anyone seeking to buy original art to be well-informed and confident in who they’re buying from. By reading my website, you’re getting to know me before buying, and there are no galleries taking hefty commissions. I even have a newsletter.

At the centre of it all is building trust, and showing integrity throughout my work.

It’s worth mentioning that I am based just outside Bath, in the UK. If you buy from me or work with me, you are supporting a sole trader, and you will get the personal touch. I know that you can buy prints for large retailers, but so can many others. My artworks are unique, and collectable.

I’ll be updating this post regularly, but if you stumble across it and want to get in touch, please do so.

Email: emma@painterlyponders.co.uk

Facebook: Painterly Ponders

Phone: +44 07546 105762

Thank you for reading. If you do drop me a line, please pop into the subject line ‘paintings for the kitchen’.

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