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 September 11, 2020

By  Emma

We now have three children’s books published, as detailed on our books page. The poetry picture books are part of the the fun, rhyming stories, and Travels with Lola stories are the family travel memoir series.

children's books

All of our books have one thing in common – we aim to bring families closer together through shared experiences.

The books are all available for purchase, but I’ve created PDF copies of the books and complementary activity packs for each. These are a gift from us to help keep your child occupied a little longer than just reading the book.

We use creativity as a means to encourage learning language skills, and the colouring sheets will help with pen grip and fine motor skills… and of course it’s fun!

I’ve uploaded the activity packs as well as copies of the book, and you can find them FREE on our private library page when you sign up for our newsletter.

By doing this, not only will you have access to future creative activities and books we’ll share, but we’ll also provide discounts for our books in the future.

You’ll also receive an exclusive notification of our book launches, and will have early access at a reduced price before the book is promoted to a wide audience.

Here’s the form, once it’s completed you’ll be asked to confirm permission. If we don’t land in your inbox, check your junk.

After you’ve confirmed it, you’ll get the password to the library page.

Both the eBooks and the paperbacks are available now!

(The image below is a link to Amazon).

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